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General orders:
We can provide a local fishing license only for those who already have a valid federal fishing ticket.

Fishing is allowed:

Fishing is only allowed in the designated areas. Creating new fishing places, expanding the existing ones and exterminating vegetation are strictly prohibited.

Fishing periods:

January 1st – March 31st: 6am – 6pm

April 1st – September 30th: 6am – 8pm

October 1st – December 31st: 6am – 6pm

Night time fishing hours are set after the fishing period.

From sunrise to sunset the fishing places must be lit.

After the above mentioned daytime hours you can only fish with a night ticket.

Fishing Policy

Fishing is allowed according to the federal fishing policy of Hungary with the following regulations:

  • After capturing, carp weigh over 3 kg, pikeperch and other fish must be returned to the water immediately.
  • Carp under 3 kg, grass carp, catfish and pike can be bought at a daily price.
  • After capture, pictures of the fish must be taken immediately, keeping fish out of water is forbidden.
  • Anglers must use large sized landing nets and carp unhook mats and the using of carp hammocks is recommended.
  • Angling is allowed with two rods with a maximum of two hooks on each.
  • Angling is only allowed with barbless hooks.
  • Braided lines are only allowed if they are used as leader lines.
  • It is allowed to use feeding boats and fish radars.
  • Feeding and fishing from boats and tiring fish are allowed.
  • For feeding you should only use food that will not affect the quality of water.
  • Fishing places can be marked with buoys which must be collected after fishing.
  • Anglers can use their own boats, but only at their own risk.
  • Staying in a tent is only allowed in designated boilie fishing areas and only for those who have a 24- hour ticket.
  • Those who have fishing tickets are allowed to drive to the lakeside, but when leaving we have the right to inspect your car.
  • Visitors must leave their car in the parking lot by the huer’s house.
  • Setting fire is only allowed in the designated areas.
  • Coming for more days, you can only start fishing at the earliest hour set in our policy and you should leave at least one hour before the starting hour of the next period.
  • Littering or fishing in a place that was not cleaned up before is not allowed. (Seedshells and cigarette butts must not be left on the ground either.)

Fence-time, size restrictions:

There is no fence-time set for certain types of fish. Size restrictions are set by the current national fishing policy which must be followed.



Ticket                                                        Price                                  Period


Day time ticket for two rods                   2500 Ft                              12 hours

Night-time ticket for two rods                2500 Ft                              12 hours

Boilie ticket                                               5000 Ft                              24 hours

Guest ticket which is not valid for fishing: 300 Ft /12 hours

Boat: 1000 Ft / 24 hours

Daily tickets do not include purchasing any fish.

You pay for fish you want to purchase at the huer’s house.

Carp: 1000 Ft / kg

Grasscarp: 800 Ft / kg

Catfish: 2500 Ft / kg

Pike: 2500 Ft / kg